Travels with Shakespeare

Travels with Shakespeare - Gary BauslaughTravels with Shakespeare is about a Shakespearean expedition taken in 2012 by author Gary Bauslaugh and his travelling partner Gwyneth Evans as they visit three of the world’s pre-eminent Shakespeare festivals, explore the towns that hold the festivals, attend a lot of plays, and enquire into the value and purpose of live theatre in general and Shakespeare in particular. They look at the histories of the festivals and discuss the approaches taken to the production of the plays, and also consider how the festivals affect their communities.

Publisher: Dragonfly Design, Victoria, BC

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Prologue – A Pilgrimage of Sorts

 He was a savage … who had some imagination. He has written many happy lines; but his pieces can please only at London and in Canada. It is not a good sign for the taste of a nation when that which it admires meets with favour only at home. ~ Voltaire on Shakespeare

Some savage. It is true that Shakespeare’s plays are frequently produced in London and in Canada; there are many annual Shakespeare festivals held throughout Britain and Canada. But admiration hardly stops there. Today Shakespeare is accorded widespread worldwide attention. There are hundreds of productions of his plays every year in the United States, with at least 50 in California alone, along with a dozen or so significant Shakespeare festivals. There are many more Shakespeare festivals across the United States, with at least one in virtually every state.

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